INTERVIEW @ RUHM4V TV - Interview at the study of Room4u TV in Berlin, a TV dedicated entirely to musicians and artists from Berlin. Soon short live video of "Don' stop the music" registered in front of the cameras of Mietstudio. To go to the tv web site click here.

[soundcloud id='150093916' width='60%'] In the studios of Radio Funkhause Europe in Berlin for the Program "La Dolce Vita"by Elizabeth Gaddoni. The interview is translated from Italian to German, and listenable in both languages. During the transmission are broadcast some recordings and then Silvio plays a song with his guitar and the kazoo.
RAI-ZDF TELEVISION_SOUNDTRACK FOR TV FILM! - On Sunday - 06/08/2014 h. 20:15, is sent on air on ZDF the movie „Lebe lieber italienisch“, produced by RAI Fiction and ZDF. Silvio wrote the text, sang and recorded the lead voice for the song of Fabrizio Tentoni “Come acqua” in the soundtrack of the film. >>>>>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<<<<<<<<
SOUNDTRACK FOR THE SHORT FILM “OUT OF WHERE” - Silvio writhe the soundtrack for a short film: Out of where. A man runs away from his fate. He will get caught. There will be no escape. And fate will become the executor. Julian Von Hammerstein Directed By Moritz Neuffer Boom Operator Fabian Kokot Cinematography by Marcin Krzano wsky Soundtrack & Sound Fx Silvio Talamo Making of Camera Cristoph Rubin