Cosmic Session
7 November 2018
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The Cosmic Electro Session is a session dedicated to electronic performative music and\or the mix between the electronic music and acoustic, or not electronic, music: * half Synthetic, half Organic*.
The concept is the artist who use his instrument to create his opera, so like the poet use his pen to write his poem.
It is open to every kind of musicians, singers, songwriters, djs, instrumentalists, loopers, finger-drummers, beat-boxers, beat makers, sampler artist, laptop and synth lovers. There is not a prevalence of genres just the energy of the proposal!

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******** THE LINE UP *******

H. 21.00
+++++ NOBLONSKI – Finger Drumming / Live set

Noblonski is a beatsmith and producer from the heart of Berlin. His music is a mix between chilled Trip Hop and the ambient side of Hip Hop. You’ll be in for a ride of dreamy, atmospheric beats alongside some bangers that will knock your socks off.

“Reminds me of the early Bonobo Records.” – Beat Diary
“Local beatmaker, or should I say heatmaker, sharing his tasty beats with you! He spiced up *All About The Groove* with a LIVE set, bringing his soulful Hip Hop right to you. Noblonski is all about combining jazzy elements and live finger drumming in his
vibrant performances.“ – Delta Yard

He worked with: Kid Presentable!!!, Brad Hamers, The Chukchee, Noah23, Less, Ira Lee, Thorts, Nolto, If Anything, V8, Morbidly-o-Beats, K-the-I???, OptimisGFN, HOOT!, Limo Depri, MJC, Zoen, Richard Catesh, For those who still exist, Marjen, Endzeit Shaman, DSPLAY, Rak., Bakus and more

Noblonski – Blue / Audio

Noblonski – Triceptum pt V / Audio

Noblonski – Triceptum pt III / Audio

Noblonski – drmn pt.2 / Video


++++ LUCIA FIELD’S – Eurodance 2020 / Melody Downbeat Techno
Summer, Berlin 2016: Lucia, trained vocalist, violinist and songwriter, meets multi-instrumentalist and street artist Martie. Fascinated by Martie’s unique approach to creating beats and soundscapes with the help of hardware electronic instruments only, Lucia joins him for numerous improvised live sessions in the streets and parks of Berlin. In the streets their highest goal is to be right in the center of real life, in order to crystallise real moments in real time! The project name, Lucia Fields as „the illuminated fields“ shows their connection to the urban spaces they are performing at (Tempelhofer Flugfeld, Görlitzer Park etc.). Martie’s machines represent the filter through which those natural spaces reflect artificially into their music. Meanwhile Lucia herself illuminates these spaces vocally, by creating tangible lyrical themes. Their musical range sits somewhere in-between trip hop as well as electro pop and techno-ish dance tracks. This gave them the opportunity to play at various different events in and around Berlin.

Lucia Field’s – Rain session part 1 / Video

Lucia Field’s – Sky / Video

Lucia Field’s – I see / Video


H 23.00
++++++++++ SILVIO TALAMO – Electro World
Silvio Talamo is an Italian eclectic singer-songwriter. With his Electro Set he proposes a mixture of Techno / Electro Music / Mediterranean Folk and Acappella chants. He uses to alternate “organic loops” (the loop he records live on the stage, on the fly), with grove box sequences, synths, samples, live guitar and vocal experiments …

Silvio Talamo – Living in a Bubble /Single release

Silvio Talamo – Feeling / live performance

Silvio Talamo – I am going to improvise / acappella version

Silvio Talamo – Passaggio per la Luna / demo studio performance

Facebook (handmade videos)

++++++++ UMA BUREL – Techno improvisations
Uma Burel is a follower of the Lorenz Attractors and a co-founder of NO. From a butterfly wing flap to a hurricane he attempts to tie the invisible strings that lie behind what we can clearly see. From politics to nature to human interaction, omnicide is at stake. Uma deals with these subjects subconsciously but with aggression and by approaching the anti-formulaic in order to fasten the dreams we live to the virtual realities we sleep in.

Uma Burel – Donald / Audio

Uma Burel – Donald / Audio

Uma Burel – Punk get home / Audio

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