Cosmic Session
5 December 2018
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The Cosmic Electro Session is a session dedicated to electronic performative music and\or the mix between the electronic music and acoustic, or not electronic, music: * half Synthetic, half Organic*.
The concept is the artist who use his instrument to create his opera, so like the poet use his pen to write his poem.
It is open to every kind of musicians, singers, songwriters, djs, instrumentalists, loopers, finger-drummers, beat-boxers, beat makers, sampler artist, laptop and synth lovers. There is not a prevalence of genres just the energy of the proposal!

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******** THE LINE UP *******

++++ DOXA – Ambient / dance
Originally from Wellington, New Zealand DOXA creates semi-improvised ambient dance music and emotional soundscapes to lose yourself in.

DOXA – Melbourne live show

DOXA – Part I and II

DOXA – Parte III (Silencio)

Band Camp:

H 23.00
+++++++ SILVIO TALAMO – Electro Mediterranean Folk
Silvio Talamo is an Italian eclectic singer-songwriter. With his Electro Set he proposes a mixture of Techno / Electro Music / Mediterranean Folk and Acappella chants. He uses to alternate “organic loops” (the loop he records live on the stage, on the fly), with grove box sequences, synths, samples, live guitar and vocal experiments …

Silvio Talamo – Living in a Bubble /Single release

Silvio Talamo – Feeling / live performance

Silvio Talamo – I am going to improvise / acappella version

Silvio Talamo – Passaggio per la Luna / demo studio performance

Facebook (handmade videos)

++++++++ MUSICA MATA – Dj / Performer
Mùsica Mata is crazy music. Mùsica Mata is glum music for large families. Mùsica Mata is happy music for piano bar, taverns, beach umbrellas. Mùsica Mata haven’t geographic position, haven’t strategy. Mùsica Mata is rude, busybody, cruel, quarrelsome, circumcised, with the cream, inappropriate. Mùsica Mata is.. you know.

Musica Mata – La historia

Musica Mata – Dengue Dengue Dengue Warm Up at Musicalzoo Festival 2018

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