Cosmic Session
6 March 2019
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////////// Cosmic ++ ++ Session /////////////
:::::::::: Djs – LOOP FOLK – GUITAR ::::::::::
:::::::::::: ELECTRO SONGWRITERS ::::::::::

The Cosmic Session ( ) is an event, hosted by Silvio Talamo and supported by the clubs, dedicated to the “organic” instruments and electronic devices. That means that the line up of the night can propose music created using classical instruments – even traditional or ethnic instruments, music created using electronic devices (dj too) or music created using both the ways.

* half Synthetic, half Organic*.

******** THE LINE UP *******

H. 21.00
+++++ INTRO

H. 21.30
+++++ SHY LITTLE OSTRICH – Acoustic Blues
Primarily pursuing a life as a writer his prowess for storytelling eventually transferred to his music. Mixing acoustic folk riffs, melancholy lyrics and a soulful voice he paints a picture of a world filled with hardships, heartbreak but also hope.

Shy Little Ostrich – Learning how to Build

Shy Little Ostrich – handmade live video


H. 22.00
+++++ AL CASSELLA – acoustic italian pop
Classic Italian baritone + harmonica + Loop Station

Sound Cloud:

H. 22.30
+++++ Oys – Electronic Acoustic Pop
Brought up with her parents’ old records, Oys was interested in music very early. She first started going to jazz school, and then the music conservatory, she mixes all her influences in a fresh and modern mix of colourful electronic music, hip-hop, ethnic, jazz and pop music. Composer-songwriter and producer, she is now part of Sauvage FFW. Music is not her only passion as she carries a big interest in, and finds her inspiration through, the visual arts such as the photography, painting and video.

Oys – Boy

Oys – Your Soul

Oys – Stay Tight

Sound Cloud:

++++++++++ SILVIO TALAMO – Electronic World Music /
Silvio Talamo is an Italian eclectic singer-songwriter and street musician involved between the electronic music and the acoustic. With his acoustic set he proposes a mixture of South Folk – a cappella Chants – Reggae and Loop Music.

Silvio Talamo – Living in a bubble / acoutic version

Silvio Talamo – street improvisation

Silvio Talamo – Bob Marley cover – metro Music

Web site:

H 24.00
+++++ Vizard – Ambient Hip Hop set

Vizard creates electronic music with a concept. Every song and sound invites you to drift away and go on an acoustic journey.
They’ve been to San Francisco to work with a local Singer Songwriter and play sets all over the City.
They produce the Berlin based Rapper Niksn and support him on Stage.
They produce Music for Advertisement and Series.
Lately they created the Three Worlds a project that describes the vibe of the Ocean, the Desert and the Forest.
The profit from this project will be donated to safe each world from being destroyed. It will be on Kickstarter Mid of April.
For the Cosmic Session Sam Simon will take over with an ambient Hip Hop Solo Set.


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