Cosmic Session – April
3 April 2019
Maze - Mehringdamm 61
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+++++ INTRO

h 21.30
++++++ CHARLY DJANG KOLINS – Afrikan Folk
I am Djang Charly artit singer guitarist and song writer born in Cameroun living in Berlin – 1 album – 1 singer and actually in studio for a single
Djang Charly – No discrimination

h 22.00
++++++++ MANKAI – Ottoman/Japanese fusion music
Mankai is a Berlin based intercontinental band which fusions Japanese and Ottoman music by using traditional instruments such as Oud, Qanun and Shamisen. Time to time they combine their Ottoman-Japanese melodies with Jazz and Blues elements as well.
Here for the cosmic session an preview of their not still recorded work .

Members of the band
Shiomi Kawaguchi – Japanese Folk

Akiko Grabein

Evren Can Kaman

h 22.40
++++++++++ SILVIO TALAMO – Electronic Loop World Music /
Silvio Talamo is an Italian eclectic singer-songwriter and street musician involved between the electronic music and the acoustic. With his acoustic set he proposes a mixture of South Folk – a cappella Chants – Reggae and Loop Music.

Silvio Talamo – street improvisation

Silvio Talamo – Living in a bubble / acoutic version

Silvio Talamo – Bob Marley cover – metro Music

web site:

h 23.30
+++++ DIEXX b2b LA NUAR djs – electro rhythm from Mexico and Venezuela

Berlin-based DJ & Producer diexx (diegsegs) has perfected his signature cross between the electronic sounds of his new home with those of his old one in Mexico, mixing them into imaginative sonic fabrics that are both hypnotic and mesmerizing.

Diexx – Tantemma EP

Diexx – Recordings Mix

Me gusta poner música
en todos lados…

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