Cosmic Session
3 October 2018
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******** THE LINE UP *******

H. 21.00
+++++ Alex Weber – Lap Top

VVeber is a Berlin-based musician, producer and DJ. In the cosmic session he will premiere some of the experimental electronic music that he created in the studio the course of the last months.


++++ VIZARD – House / Melody Downbeat Techno

Vizard is producer duo operating from Berlin. They produce music and passionately play live sets. Since They work in the advertisement field they often create visual concepts for our music that most of the time comes with a very specific soundscape.

Vizard – The Journey

Vizard – Places / Video

Vizard – Berlin Journey / Video


H 23.00
++++++++++ SILVIO TALAMO – Electro Cosmic Pop

Silvio Talamo is an Italian eclectic singer-songwriter. With his Electro Set he proposes a mixture of Techno / Electro Music / Mediterranean Folk and Acappella chants. He uses to alternate “organic loops” (the loop he records live on the stage, on the fly), with grove box sequences, synths, samples, live guitar and vocal experiments …

Silvio Talamo – Living in a Bubble /Single release

Silvio Talamo – Feeling / live performance

Silvio Talamo – I am going to improvise / acappella version

Silvio Talamo – Passaggio per la Luna / demo studio performance

Facebook (handmade videos)

++++++++ URICANE – Dj
Uricane is a highly gifted and experienced musician, producer, dj and live sound and atmosphere designer from Tel Aviv. His musical identity can be described as deep, atmospheric, melancholic and powered by emotions.
He mixes electronic oriented sounds and afro beats influenced from his rich music educational background driven by his admiration for Jazz musicians such as Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis… and the love to sound manipulating, musical cross overs such as Kraftwerk, Aphex Twins, Prodgy, Nine Inch Nails and Beasty Boyz…

URICANE – 2018 – 05 – 01 fo:su realese party Maze Berlin

URICANE – °fo:su (limited tape edition)


*** Cosmic Session ***
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