Bob Dylan singing cover with Boss rc-505 | loop music by Silvio Talamo

I sing a Bob Dylan cover of the famous song “Knocking’ on heavens door”.
I used just my voice to build a basic loop with my Boss rc-505 on which I sing the melody. All very minimal. That moment was long for everyone and the music gave me a lot of energy 🙂 (Y) 🙂

Qui Canto Bob Dylan! E’ una cover della celebre canzone “Knocking’ on heavens door”
Ho usato solo mia voce per costruire un loop di base su cui canto la melodia. Tutto molto essenziale.

SILVIO TALAMO is an Italian musician, producer, songwriter and performer of electronic and acoustic music, pop, and beats. Interested in a cappella, South Folk and the loop station, he presents brilliant and original Electro Folk.

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