Bob Marley Singing Cover – Loop Station by Silvio Talamo

I recorded a Bob Marley cover, a song I love: Wait In Vain. I just used my voice and a loop station, a Boss RC-300. I like to use just voice and loop pedal, it’s very basic and reminds me of many traditional circular songs (natural loops!) I used to listen to on recordings when I was a teenager. Here I sing in reggae style 🙂

** Natural Voice **Minimal Loop.

Silvio Talamo is an Italian musician, producer, songwriter and performer based in Berlin, involved with the electronic and the acoustic music, the pop and the performance, beat and traditional. Interested in the A cappella chants, South Folk and the drum box, proposing a brilliant and original Electro Ethno Folk.

Band Camp:

#loopstation #singer #reggae #acappella
#loopstationbossrc505 #looper #livelooping

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