Street Music | Guitar & Loop Station | Living In a Bubble by Silvio Talamo

I was playing some music on the streets of Berlin with my mini sound system, loop station and guitar. My video-maker friend Marcin was with me and we recorded this street performance! I leave you a few links below. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Stavo andando in giro per Berlino con un mini sound system suonando le mie loop songs. Il mio amico videomaker Marcin era con me ed abbiamo registrato estemporaneamente questo video!! Vi lascio qualche link più in basso.


“Living in a bubble” an original loop song by Silvio Talamo
Let’s look for it on

Video by Marcin Krzanowsky

SILVIO TALAMO is an Italian musician, producer, songwriter and performer of electronic and acoustic music, pop, and beats. Interested in a cappella, South Folk and the loop station, he presents brilliant and original Electro Folk.

SONGS – These make up the other main part of the concert, always built on a base that is performed and recorded live, therefore an organic sample played using an electronic instrument. They are a place where art and technology fuse while preserving the artist’s/art’s humanity. They offer glimpses of the old road travelled by the songwriter who plays his guitar and sings, but transformed by new aesthetics and the potential of contemporary instruments. Past and future play together!

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